Ways to Help

It takes a village to raise a child – and a wide net of support to create a neighborhood that can be planted and continue to grow.

We are in the midst of the planning process to determine the components that will enable all residents and partners from the surrounding communities to work together – both painting the big picture and getting down to the details.

We invite you to both learn more about what we are doing and share your experiences and personal stories that help you to be a part of guiding the way for this village to be planted and nourished.

Come back and find the dates of the upcoming sharing sessions where we will begin with an overview of our vision and then ask for input from interested community members to help shape Oasis Village. The Generations of Hope model of Intentional Neighboring envisions creating a community . . .

. . . where caring neighbors come together to address one of our nation’s most complex social challenges – mass incarceration and the destruction of families including those on the inside and those left on the outside

. . . where those who are vulnerable are also valued community members who participate and contribute, and

. . . where older adults find meaning and purpose in their daily lives, even at the end of life, through caring relationships and continuing engagement.

Please join us as we all change the world together and work for justice, peace and love.

As we move forward on this journey, we always appreciate your financial support through our donate page, and any connections you may have with others passionate about this work who can partner with us and share ideas, opportunities and introductions.