The primary mission of Oasis Village is to create an intergenerational residential community to enable hope and success for families who have been impacted by the incarceration of one (or more) of its members. Oasis Village will provide housing for single Moms as they reenter the community, and create partnerships within the surrounding communities to enable success in the areas of employment, education, recovery, parenting, and other special services.  This community is based on the Generations of Hope model of Intentional Neighboring.  Children will live in a safe and supportive environment where elders who also live in the community will assist as grandparents to enable each family to be part of a bigger whole, across multiple generations. The support relationship will be reciprocal as the single moms who are returning citizens and their children will also provide support for the elders in the community providing support and companionship.  We are currently working on raising funds to purchase land in Nelson County that would create an ideal location for planting this vision.