About Us

Oasis Village is an intergenerational residential neighborhood created to support single moms and their child(red) as they reenter community after a period of incarceration. This support is given reciprocally with elder neighbors who choose to live in the neighborhood to create the village it takes for all to succeed. . . for moms to reconnect with their child(ten), for children to grow and strive, and for elders to share their life experience and live in a place where they have a meaningful purpose.

This community is based on the model of Intentional Neighboring developed by Generations of Hope and initially utilized at Hope Meadows in Rantoul, Illinois. ¬†Intentional Neighboring doesn’t just happen when people live next door. Years of practical experience and research have led us to identify eight core components (three foundational values and five essential design patterns) that comprise the key underpinnings of the Intentional Neighboring paradigm.

Foundational Values include:

1 – Embracing the power of relationships

2 – Reframing “vulnerability”

3 – Engagement of older adults

Essential Design Patterns include:

1 – A key focus on vulnerability

2 – Three or more generations

3 – Embracing diversity

4 – Physical design facilitates relationship

5 – Transformational leadership